I wish that the minister who talked about sin in his letter to the editor would have used fear instead. I think the current president plays on the fear of the voters so he does not have to deal with his fear. His one great fear that has communicated to me is his fear of failure.

I believe we must learn how to deal with this fear. One of the ways I have dealt with fear of failure is to recognize what I can learn from it. By doing this I put a positive reaction to it.

For example, I did not want to work at disciplining my students. I wanted them to want to do the work and how the textbook was doing it was not working. So I thought how did I want to learn math. I wanted to be able to have a picture or something concrete to work with.

So I came up with an idea but it had its failings. So I had to keep on improving it and I still am at it.

I taught for 40 years and never was satisfied and am still not.

I learned from my failings so why can’t Trump and the people of Central Pennsylvania learn? I believe schools and churches better start teaching by example to deal with fear.


Ann Kindig, 


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