Many members of America’s “Greatest Generation,” our parents, grandparents, friends or relatives, were willing to go in harm’s way to preserve democracy against the tyranny of fascism.

Those brave men and women, many who made the ultimate sacrifice, would be correctly titled “Antifa” (anti-fascist) by Trump’s Republican Party propaganda media. Therefore, all Republican party members supporting Trump and his administration are no longer members of a recognized American political party, you are now, by any definition, fascists.

Within all fascist regimes there is always an oppressed class, be it the Jewish people in 1930s Germany, trade unionists in 1930s Italy or free election socialists in 1930s Spain.

The fascist governments established by U.S. coups in Central America are dictatorships controlled by U.S. banks and corporations, as were Pinochet’s Chile, Iran’s U.S. appointed Shah or Saddam’s Iraq.

Every coup d’etat, overthrow of a democratically elected government, promoted by the U.S. government since 1893, have become fascist states controlled by U.S. banks and corporations with the sole purpose of oppressing the working class for higher corporate profits.

If you can’t conceive of an oppressive fascist regime in America, ask yourself why corporate profits on Wall Street markets continue to rise, while you are only a paycheck or two away from poverty. Feeling oppressed now?

Peter Mazurkiewicz,

Beaver Springs 



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