Here we go again! After three days at Walter Reed Military Hospital for what we were told was the (hoax) virus that was supposed to be long gone by now, President Donald Trump once again is degrading our veterans by suggesting Gold Star families infected him during their gathering at the White House. He said the mothers could not keep from hugging and kissing him. These are families who lost their loved ones in service to our country. Something which he knows nothing about. 

Now he tells us that the virus was a “blessing from God for him.” Really? What a quick recovery. I’m sure the more than 215,000 people so far who have lost their lives on his watch do not feel they were blessed. Cursed maybe, but not blessed. 

As he fights to take away health insurance from millions of people, is he going to pay their medical bills for the virus or any health problems they encounter? The attacks and lies keep coming as the numbers keep rising.

Now he has enabled right-wing terrorist militia groups on the female Democratic governor of Michigan by giving them the dog whistle of “stand back and stand by.” They have been waiting for the order from the top and now they got it. He failed to condemn them just as he failed to protect us from the deadly virus and all threats foreign and domestic. He has failed to do his job, failed this country and the American people. 

In plain words, he is a failure. We must fight to save our democracy.

God bless our military.

Wendy Sebasovich,


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