I am the mother of Nicholas Kahley. I wish to ask anyone with addiction to please get help.

Nick made some terrible choices in life that caused him to lose his. As his mother, all I wanted was for him to get off the streets and be safe. When I chose to give him a new life, I did so with hope. Now my only hope left is someday I will see him again in Jesus’s arms.

I pray the bus driver and children were not emotionally damaged. Addiction can be a means of self-medicating. Nick’s life was difficult to say the least. I give praise that he left a son, Shyne, to live on hopefully becoming a caring, loving soul beyond his father’s addiction. Would I adopt him again? Yes, only with different life answers.

Know that Nick and I had pains that most mothers would never want to endure. All I wanted for Nick was to have a full life as a good father to his son and to enjoy life. He needed accountability to make this happen, yet he wasn’t able to do so. Please reach out to addicts to give them hope in our one and only savior, Jesus.

Rachel Kahley,


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