Have you ever noticed how our Republican Congress members avoid live townhall meetings with their constituents? It seems to be standard practice for these members to use pre-recorded propaganda in phone sessions that are useless in addressing the needs of the working class voters.

It is the constitutional right of every American to call their representatives in Congress to answer for the grievances heaped upon them by those who, in theory, are elected to serve the people rather than the corporate aristocracy.

It is with this constitutional right in mind that the people of Snyder and Union counties should demand a live townhall meeting with our new representative, Glenn Thompson. Failure of Mr. Thompson to respond to the summons by the citizens would be clear evidence of his apathy toward the common workers who pay his congressional salary.

So, to the sewing-circle that calls itself the Democratic Committee of Snyder County, here’s your golden opportunity to do something for all the people of our commonwealth: Even for the unfortunate folks of the Republican persuasion who continue to vote against their own best interests.

A petition circulated by our local Democratic Committee to have Mr. Thompson participate in a live townhall event would be an ideal method of evaluating his fitness to serve the people of the keystone state, rather than the corporate aristocracy.

Peter Mazurkiewicz,

Beaver Springs

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