I want to remind people that when fracking was first being considered in Pennsylvania, it was pitched, marketed and touted as a “bridge” fuel, in other words, temporary, while the nation transitioned to the use of the cleaner fuels of solar, wind and geothermal industries and away from the dirtier fossil fuels like oil and coal, etc. Biden’s comments on fracking are right in line with what was presented to us by the industry and our politicians before fracking was approved in our state. This is historically correct. The majority of Pennsylvania voters actually oppose fracking.

The second issue is that the number of fracking jobs in Pennsylvania have been insanely overstated! The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports oil-and-gas extraction, and supporting industries in our state account for roughly 20,000 jobs, less than 1% of the total jobs in the state, though studies conducted by the industry itself have concluded that upwards of 5% of Pennsylvania workers are employed by the industry. Another source (Market Watch) states the industry of fracking employs around 24,000 people.

In our state there are 11 times as many jobs in agriculture, 10 times as many in outdoor tourism and recreation, and three times as many in energy efficiency.


Sharon Jeffers,





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