Political season has arrived in the Commonwealth, with political signs popping up everywhere. Biden signs, appearing mid-July, disappear almost as soon as they appear. Each year some signs are taken, but this year Biden signs are being stolen at an unprecedented rate. Why?

For more than four years, every major route throughout the area has been decorated with Trump signs and, with rare exceptions, they’ve been largely left untouched. Every American is blessed with a right to enjoy freedom of expression. No one should have political expression violated. One wonders what has polarized and emboldened people enough to infringe boldly on property rights and freedoms. Could this disregard of personal property and constitutional rights be spawned by the constant divisive language of the current administration?

This isn’t either a joke or prank. It’s another step toward chaos and away from law and order and our Constitution. It’s thievery, punishable by fines up to $2,500 and possible jail time. These sophomoric actions force residents to install security cameras and file police reports to protect their First Amendment rights. Ask yourself, “Is this the America I really want”?

We are better than this as a people and as a nation. When you see political signs disappearing, know that unAmerican tactics are at work. Help those accountable finally accept responsibility. It is time to get America back towards a more perfect union ...vote for respect, stability, and decency.

Rick Thomas,


Chair, Union Co. Democratic Committee





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