We all have the right to disagree about opinions, philosophies, clothing, etc. When did it become OK to promote lies about facts? The election has been duly litigated in many states and all the way to the Supreme Court. It is enough.

I am glad that Mr. Toomey and Mr. Yaw have stood up for our Constitution. I am bitterly disappointed in Mr. Keller and Mr. Rowe, both of whom bear partial responsibility for the horrific acts that happened on Jan. 6. By feeding into the myth that the election was “stolen” they helped fuel the lies and subsequent rage.

You cannot have it both ways, your wins and Mr. Trump’s loss came on the same ticket. If you believe you were legally winners, then you must accept that Mr. Biden also won and Mr. Trump lost.

Most of us learned at an early age that games and elections have winners and losers. Sometimes we are winners, sometimes not. You shake hands and walk away. You work hard for the next game or election.

I did not vote for either Mr. Keller or Mr. Rowe, but I have not decried your rights to be seated. You have stomped on my vote and my ethics as a poll judge, you have enabled lies to perpetuate.

It is enough. This should serve as a reminder that our rights as citizens of the United States of America are tenuous and should be carefully tended.

Benita Kolmen-Solomon, 


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