Unfortunately for Albert Golfieri, he chose two really bad examples to support his argument that reparations for African-Americans are “unbelievable.” In fact, the U.S. government paid $1.6 billion for reparations to Japanese-Americans who were locked up during World War II. It happened in 1988, during Reagan’s presidency — he also apologized. As for Germany and the Jewish people, since the end of the Second World War, the German government has embarked on a lengthy and ongoing effort to track down stolen Jewish property, to find, arrest and prosecute German war criminals, and to otherwise try to make amends for their country’s dark past.

South Africa, too, formed a Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the end of apartheid, to at least try to deal with the consequences of generations of racial oppression by their white minority.

It is only in America that (mostly white American men) say, “Too bad; suck it up.” Every other place in the world understands that sometimes nations do bad things, and when they’re finally stopped they need to try to make it up to their victims. Not America! We’re exceptional! Natives? Tough luck. African Americans? Bummer. Women? Pipe down, sweetie. LGBTQ? Ew, gross, keep your feelings to yourself, thanks, and remain invisible or we might just have to take action.

Yes, it would be expensive, Mr. Golfieri. About a third as expensive as another Civil War, which is where your uninformed but strongly held opinions seem to be leading.

Trey Casimir,





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