Once again I ask, is anyone else weary of the barrage of hate and hypocrisy from our local socialist cell in the Valley? Its outpouring of leftist drivel is mind-numbing.

We get it, you hate Trump, what’s new? Are you all daft or just indoctrinated to the point that you fail to understand your anesthetizing submissions fall on deaf ears. Only your comrades and the mindless snowflakes nod in agreement. Your socialist champion Marc Friedenberg got slaughtered recently, as before as he did against Marino.

You are so blinded by hate and denial that you still believe Hillary lost because Trump cheated? I am tired of your nonsense. You are in need of professional help.

I would advise an institution for a cure, but your ilk shut down and emptied them into the streets in the 1970s. Those tormented souls, and more, now live in tents and drainage ditches in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. 

Why do I bother reading your hokum? As laughable and absurd as it is, I can’t avert my eyes. You guys need a hobby doing something else you’re enthusiastic about, like helping illegals cross the border, escaping ICE, or getting them registered to vote. It’s estimated four to five million illegal votes were cast in 2016. Considering Hillary won the popular vote by three million in 2016, you need more illegals in 2020. The 23 socialists running so far are laughable.


Greg Cronomiz,