In case you’re not aware, every American, well most, get their hair cut, or colored, or nails done. This includes Republicans, Democrats, liberals and any other party I’m not aware of. COVID-19 has been worldwide since March, really February, so we’ve had plenty of time to learn how it spreads, since we’ve been locked in our homes and glued to the TV. We, as in Americans, have faithfully abided by your lockdown requirements, except for a few. There’s always a few.

Locally, there have been hair stylists and barbers that are not following the rules. Hair stylists have resorted to going underground and going to customer’s houses, sneaking around. Barbers are cutting hair in their garages. This is dangerous because these professionals are now possibly contributing to spreading this virus because in these rogue situations, there are no rules or guidelines to follow. They can do whatever they want. This is furthering the spreading of the virus.

Having said all that, let’s get all beauty salons and nail salons and barbershops open! In Pennsylvania, all beauty salons, nail salons and barbershops, are closely monitored by the state with the strictest of rules nationwide. This has been the case before this pandemic. The state has always inspected these establishments closely for cleanliness and sanitation. By not opening these businesses, you, the state of Pennsylvania are unknowingly contributing to the further spread of this virus by forcing people to go underground for a simple haircut.

I personally know some hair stylists that are following your rules and going broke, all the while watching their competitors sneaking around, breaking the rules and making a living so they can feed their families and pay their bills. These hair stylist, nail techs, and barbers are to be commended for their restraint, because they don’t want to further the spread of the virus and they are following the rules. Let’s reward them, get these businesses open and supervised by the state.

Sarah Verrastro,





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