I’m writing this op-ed because I can no longer be silent while the country I grew up in is slowly corrupted by Donald Trump and his sycophants.

We didn’t know who Donald Trump was in 2016 because of the coverups, investigations publicly announced only targeting Hillary Clinton (while in reality both were being investigated by the FBI at the time), and document dumps via WikiLeaks and provided by the Russian government’s GRU. For those who don’t know, the GRU are military trained, funded, hackers that are also soldiers. We had an electronic Watergate in 2016 and none of the spineless Republicans who represent Pennsylvania had the political courage to put our country above party.

Now the current president is surrounded by a bunch of “yes men” who can’t say no to him much like the dictators in North Korea or Syria, not for the fear of being executed yet but, being fired or having their careers destroyed. You might be quick to forget that Stormy Daniels said she had her child threatened by one of Trump’s goons. 

We’ve gone from scandal to scandal and now we’re literally to a point where the Postal Service is being sabotaged by the Trump administration. Their argument is effectively, “See, government doesn’t work,” while actively trying to blow up our government institutions.

If we want a government that doesn’t actively try to destroy itself for the benefit of the very wealthy, we need a president who will at the very least consider policies that benefit average Americans. Trump is not that person. He inherited all of his money and his company. We need a leader, not a wannabe dictator.

My question to the people of Pennsylvania who’re considering voting for Trump; 194,000 Americans are dead, $1 trillion has been cut for the richest Americans, and our cities are burning down. Is America great enough for you at this point? Our way of life as a country is in chaos and 52% of young Americans live with their parents because they’ve lived through multiple economic recessions and collapses.

Andrew Ostrowsky, 




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