I believe the greatest disrespect of all, is to mess with people’s perception of reality, their minds. Around half of the American minds have been “hijacked” by some political leaders, some news programs, social media, powerful corporations, and others. Horrible lies have been implanted into our minds, fertilized, and well-cared for during their daily barrage of “news,” social media and others. These plants have grown very strong.

In doing so all Americans have been severely hurt and are suffering. Democracy has been sucker-punched and is on its knees. This attack is nothing short of evil. It must be stopped once and for all. We have stood with our toes hanging over the edge of a huge black-holed abyss. Staring down into oblivion should teach us to back off, to change what we can, to cut the strings of the puppet-master, to stop the hate, to stop the deceit, to stop tricking people into championing and voting against their own best interests.

Leaders who perpetuate this garbage in order to win elections are losers. If they cannot win honorably, then so be it, they don’t deserve a win! That is reality! The price some leaders ask their constituents to pay is way too steep. Our national security is, currently, in extreme jeopardy and our leaders need to put us before their own sickening addiction to love of power, money and politics!

Sharon Jeffers,


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