There is a new refrain from Democrats: If we can’t win, we need to change the rules!

The first plan is to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices to get rulings they like. The Supreme Court is to determine the constitutionality of laws or lower court rulings. It should not legislate. Justice Steven Breyer, a liberal, has warned against court packing, which delegitimizes its rulings.

The second rule they want to attack is the filibuster. This rule is designed to promote compromise, by forcing discussion about bills on the floor. It is meant to prevent a group or party from just ramming through anything they want without considering the other side’s concerns. It prevents radicalization, and promotes moderation.

Finally, they keep talking about eliminating the electoral college. The writers of our Constitution included the electoral college as a way of balancing states with smaller populations with states with large populations. The needs of rural and agrarian states are much different than those of populous metropolitan states. They tend to want to be more self sufficient, while city dwellers seem to want government to grow ever larger and supply their every want. Without the electoral college, California and New York would decide everything for all of us.

All three of these things the liberals and progressives want to change are designed to support our constitution, and promote moderation. With the House and Senate almost equally divided, I believe that indicates that the citizens of this country want stability and moderation.

Thomas Dahlmann,

Shamokin Dam

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