I’ve been in orthopedic practice in this community for approaching 35 years. I’d like to believe I’ve either helped, or at least tried my very best to help, as many of my patients as I possibly could. I appreciate the fact that I’ve made many of my patients more than that and we’re also now friends. Friends who trust me to care for them, their spouses, their children, and their parents.

I’ve always tried to practice medicine by the golden rule of doing for your patients as if they were your own family.

So I ask you, those that are not vaccinated, or haven’t received your boosters, to please do so. There are many untruths about the COVID vaccine that exist.

As in anything that happens in health care there is what’s called a “Risk Benefit Ratio.” There are risks in receiving a treatment and there are risks in not receiving a treatment. For those of you who are undecided as to get vaccinated, as your friend, your caregiver, someone that you may have trusted to provide you spinal care, injury care, to care for your families, I beg you, I beseech you all, to please set aside any fears, political standings, the inconvenience and get vaccinated.

At our beloved community hospital alone we’ve had 135 deaths and sadly the number continues to rise unnecessarily.

Many unvaccinated people have exposed not only themselves but also their families to this potentially lethal virus and the outcome has been deadly.

Our hospital staff has been overwhelmed with the sadness and sense of helplessness that occurs when trying to save someone who is dying from COVID. The human cost to this can be crushing.

Whenever I see a veteran wearing a military hat, I always go out of my way to thank them for their service to our country. As a final note, consider doing the same when you see a health care provider these days. It makes a difference to them I know.

I accept the fact that some will never get vaccinated, but if you’re on the fence, and you trust me, please do it, for yourselves, for your family, for our country.

Dr. Paul S. Lin,


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