President Trump’s base has been steady at 40 to 42% no matter what he says or does. It is well documented, even by Fox News, that he referred to servicemen and veterans as losers and suckers. At his rallies, Trump cares little that his supporters are grouped together not wearing masks while he keeps his distance.

Part of Trump’s immigration plan was separating children and parents. He built his wall with funds allocated to the military to pay contractors with questionable credentials, and Mexico paid nothing as he promised.

He refuses to release his tax returns. What we know is he paid little in taxes for several years which shows his businesses are not as great as he pretends.

He, along with his children, agreed to dissolve the Donald J. Trump Foundation after a New York state investigation found they repeatedly lied about charity work. 

He puts the word of our enemies ahead of our own intelligence agencies. He ignores science when it comes to global warming and the pandemic that took so many lives unnecessarily. The list of Trump’s lies extends even to his political ads.

The aforementioned is a fraction of what he does wrong. The complete and detailed lists could fill many books. In fact, they do.

Trump’s base support will remain constant as long as there are those willing to ignore his lies, forget his behavior, deny his wrongdoing, deflect by blaming his political enemies, and rationalize the pandemic by downplaying its tragic results. If Trump’s base is 42%, that leaves 58% who are left with the truth.

Jack Strausser,





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