Isn’t it true that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and that the left, having had absolute power, absolutely wants it back, which leads to their pushing untruths that support their reelection? My answer is yes, which is sad and highly unfortunate.

To drive home my point, consider abundant evidence about truths the left pushes/pushed that are not true: 

n The 4th of July speech by President Donald Trump would be purely political. Not true. He gave an inspiring military history lesson that created positive emotion among flag-loving Americans including myself.

n The Mexico border crisis was a presidential hoax. Not true. A bipartisan Congress finally acknowledged the crisis and appropriated billions to address humanitarian issues.

n Our crude, bumbling, tawdry, tweet-prone president was unsuited to lead foreign policy which is a primary part of his job description. Not true. He has: Foreign leaders talking to him as never before, gotten more non-American money to fund NATO, made progress on more favorable trade deals, militarily punished lethal gas attacks on civilians, gotten Mexico to administer their side of our border, and etc.

n The left needs to review the federal tax returns of our president. Not true. The tax returns of every citizen are protected private information. No rational American wants anyone to see their returns. At the president’s wish, he can make them public, but in my opinion, he does not need to have his business scrutinized by his enemies and competitors to get reelected.

n The president and his political confidants colluded with the Russians to steal his election. Not true. Thirty million dollars of our public funds were wasted by a special prosecutor to investigate this “nothing burger.”

My mother used to say “the truth will come out;” she also used to say “don’t believe everything you read.” I think the majority of the American people fully understand my mother’s wisdom in this age of political untruths. God bless the USA and damn her detractors! 


Ken Young,