The necessity for the “Schiff and Pelosi impeachment show” is obvious to anyone paying attention. Several congressional Democrats have admitted they must impeach or the president will be re-elected. The fanatics running this farce decided that getting to the truth is not a priority. Another gem from their twisted psyche states that hearsay can be much better evidence than first-hand knowledge. This double-speak where one lie plus another lie equals truth is beyond deceit. It’s an abuse of power and should invite ridicule. We are witnessing tyranny in the House of Representatives where the due process law clause, a foundation of western civilization, apparently means nothing. Is this impeachment inquiry a search for truth and justice, or a mock Soviet-era show trial. The only thing missing from this circus is a brightly colored little car for the Democrats to jump out of at the start.

As this “Bizzaro World” melodrama unfolds with the Democrats padding further and further up Schiff’s creek, I’m reminded of the situation comedy “Seinfeld,” a show about nothing. The “Schiff and Pelosi” show, also about nothing, and started the day after Trump’s election in 2016 with an episode claiming absolute proof that Trump is a Russian operative. That soon morphed into his collusion with the Russians, then obstruction, then abuse of power, extortion, linkage, quid pro quo, and the latest episodes about witness intimidation and bribery. The storyline changes but the show about nothing continues. Three years of nothing that will likely become eight years when Trump is re-elected.

This deranged seek-and-destroy mission by Democrats suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome will ultimately fail. It’s a house of cards built solely on anger and hatred for Trump intended to tar and feather him enough to be rendered unelectable in 2020. The parade of “star” witnesses brought forth have presented hours of impressive resumes, personal opinions, assumptions and feelings, but no crime.

Will our country ever come together again? Let me paraphrase Golda Meir referring to Arab hatred toward Jews. It’s an analogy for today’s Democrat hatred toward Republicans. “These people do not realize how ugly their hate is, they teach their children to hate us. I am sure many see this as disgusting, but never dare to speak out. There will only be peace when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Greg Cronomicz lives in Danville.

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