The Democratic Party not only wants to abort babies up to birth, they want everyone to foot the bill by revoking the Hyde Amendment.

To my thinking, the road toward pregnancy usually requires three prior choices: (1) To have sex outside of marriage. These days it seems almost a requirement vs. an option, but it remains a choice nonetheless. (2) The type of birth control to use; none of the artificial methods are 100% effective. (3) Who her partner will be. All of these three choices are very personal and usually freely made. So on a day she realizes she is pregnant and would rather not be, and she wants to exercise the fourth choice, who should pay that bill?

I believe the parties involved in her decisions should be first in line. Working backward through those decisions, first is her partner. Should he unfortunately be the type to ghost her, second in line would be the birth control manufacturer. Perhaps holding them accountable would incentivize them to work toward 100% effectiveness. Last in the decision line is the female herself. The Democratic Party feels she should not have to pay for her personal, freely made choices but rather I should.

How about each state set up an abortion fund into which every pro-choice person can voluntarily donate. Given the earnestness of that cohort, available funds should never be a problem. And all the pro-life folks can be left alone.

Blandina Lecce, 





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