Concerning Gov. Tom Wolf’s masking order: Someone has to be the adult in the room and it has not been the elected officials, or the school boards, or the parents who want to stop wearing masks when in person at school but want school to remain open.

Snyder County has had terrible numbers when it comes to getting vaccines. To end the constant development of new variants, we need to get rid of it through huge numbers of people getting vaccinated. This has been repeated and repeated but still people listen to news outlets instead of the CDC or their doctor’s recommendations.

I started getting the vaccine for flu because my husband had a heart condition. To protect him I did this. I am back to wearing a mask because I want to see my 6-year-old granddaughter and she cannot get vaccinated.

The vaccine is not just about you, it is about protecting our families, friends, community and our world. So when I hear you have rights; the question is do you have a heart that cares for your family, friends, and our community?

Emily Johnson,


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