Mel Benjamin’s letter of Sept. 28 is just another example of how locals parrot Trump cult lies. I’m not a Democrat but I know ridiculous Republican talking points when I see them.

No, President Biden did not “surrender to terrorists” in Afghanistan. He led the successful evacuation of more than 122,000 Americans and allies, after inheriting Trump’s treaty that allowed the evil Taliban to regroup and overrun the country.

No, President Biden has not destroyed the economy. Presidents don’t control gas prices. Gas prices change based on the free market that Republicans allegedly love so much. Groceries are only unaffordable for lower-income citizens suffering under the tax breaks Trump gave to his wealthy corporate cronies who make multimillion dollar CEO salaries while their workers labor for a minimum wage that hasn’t changed in decades.

No, our “self-dependent energy” has not been “obliterated.” Import and export of energy resources fluctuates from year to year based not on presidential whim but on supply and demand, another aspect of the free market. It’s funny to see so-called conservatives demanding Big Government intervene in U.S. business when it’s convenient for their narrative.

No, our borders were not suddenly “unprotected” after Jan. 21, 2021. Sadly, the new administration has not acted quickly enough to modify inhumane Trump-era polices putting refugees in danger at the border. A nation built on stolen land has no moral authority to restrict peaceful immigration and refugees.

No, our allies are not worried about U.S. commitment to our agreements. Pew research reports show that a median of 75% of people in our allied nations express confidence in President Biden, compared with 17% for Trump in 2020.

No, President Biden has not been ineffective in addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Since his election and resulting federal efforts to battle the pandemic more than half of all U.S. citizens have received the vaccine, with the nation on track for 80% vaccination rate by year’s end. At this point, willfully unvaccinated people make up over 90% of recent COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths. The new delta variant is the result of Trump-supporting populations refusing to care about other people.

We’re fortunate to have accomplished leadership in place after four years of a man fleecing his gullible followers instead of effectively governing the nation. Trump fans can repeat their lies incessantly, but they can’t change verifiable, observable facts.

Erik Viker,


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