We, the people of God at Shiloh United Church of Christ, hold as our core value the worth and dignity of all persons as beloved children of God. So begins the covenant of our core mission statement as we seek to welcome, affirm, and love all people, inclusive of who they are.

We were saddened to read of the recent failure of the Danville Borough Council and Mayor to approve the request for an LGBTQ OUTFEST Day Proclamation in Danville. Although the proclamation was not actually voted down, the abstention of several representatives caused it to not pass, sending a message that full respect and equality for people in the LGBTQ+ community and other groups is not a priority in Danville.

The members of Shiloh United Church of Christ want you to know that we have pledged to support our LGBTQ+ and other minority neighbors. We believe that Jesus gave his life for all people, and that everyone — inclusive of gender identity or expression, race or ethnicity, economic or marital status, physical or mental ability — is fully and unconditionally loved by God. We have experienced the many gifts and blessings those in the LGBTQ+ and minority groups bring to our community, and we celebrate the diversity that holds us accountable to one another for a greater common good.

We hope and pray that the conversation started by this action (or lack thereof) will continue.

Rev. Mary Schmotzer, pastor

Doil Myers, church council

Shiloh United Church of Christ

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