On July 3, The Daily Item published a letter from James Swartz in which he praised the Editorial Page’s June 28 political cartoon depicting General Flynn with a “Get out of Jail Free Card” and gave his usual anti-Trump rant.

I was impressed that Mr. Swartz didn’t include “Trump Russia collusion” in his most recent letter as I’ve read very few of his letters in which he didn’t do so.

Apparently, Mr. Swartz has caught up with the rest of us and read the articles covering the fact that “Trump Russia Collusion” is a Democrat party political lie.

For those of you who missed it; every Obama administration official who inferred publicly that they had evidence of President Trump colluding with the Russians denied such knowledge, and couldn’t provide any proof when placed under oath behind the closed doors of a congressional investigation.

I found the General Flynn cartoon repulsive because the investigation conducted against him should never have occurred. Do a little research and you will find that General Flynn was unfairly targeted because he dared to speak out against President Obama.

Inspector General Horowitz’s FISA Abuse Report showed that Obama-appointed administrators used the federal government’s police and intelligence gathering powers to spy on the Trump campaign.

Using the “Steele Dossier” as justification for FISA warrants was a violation of constitutional law, and the civil rights of those who came under investigation.  Using the powers of the state against those who spoke out against him was nothing new for President Obama. He had an established history of using the IRS and FBI against his political opponents long before going after Donald Trump.

I’ll cite the IRS “Tea Party” investigation/audits, and numerous conservatives who came under questionable Campaign Finance Law Investigations’ as my justification for that statement.

Back to Mr. Swartz’s July 3 letter; he closed it by referring to the protestors toppling stone statues as “errant.”

Mr. Swartz, the recent protests brought us rioting, looting, arson, assaults on police and confirmed murders.

Using the word “errant” to describe such actions is “repulsive” and “vulgar” to those of us who obey the law, and pay our taxes so that we can live in a safe and orderly society.

Rioting, looting, blocking streets and interstate highways are not actions granted under the First Amendment’s “right to peaceably assemble.”

William Shirk,





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