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It is always surprising to learn what folks eager to express opinions find valuable. On Saturday, June 27, you published a letter from Harry Prentiss, calling most of the well-reasoned and thoughtful commentary from John Peeler on June 21 “tripe,” simultaneously concluding that it was “refre…

While I sincerely appreciate The Daily Item’s coverage of Black Lives in the Valley, I must take issue with the rhetorical choices in the coverage of the Watsontown protest on Sunday, June 28 (covered in the June 29 edition).

“If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then there’s probably — you’ve got a problem.” The words are Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) in a new ad from Republican Voters Against Trump. Biden and Graham were long-time friends in Washington, once traveling together overseas to resolve issues…

Why does the U.S., with only 5 percent of the world’s population, have 25 percent of the COVID-19 cases and 25 percent of the deaths? Except for the early start in China, as the virus raced around the globe the entire world experienced the outbreaks at the same time. Since then Asian and Eur…

I appreciate the articles updating the Valley businesses, especially restaurants and entertainment venues that are reopening. I like the mention of the safety factors that will be in place to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Many members of America’s “Greatest Generation,” our parents, grandparents, friends or relatives, were willing to go in harm’s way to preserve democracy against the tyranny of fascism.

In his June 26 “My Turn” column, William Folk insists that Black citizens who support the Democratic Party are wrong and should support Republicans instead. His audience is overwhelmingly white, and he parrots every right-wing race-related talking point available.

I have just read an article in The Daily Item (June 20) about something that should not be allowed to happen in the terrible time of the coronavirus pandemic.

‘You’re fired!” was Donald Trump’s tough-guy image on his “reality” television show, but it wasn’t reality. It was an act which he was taught to portray. He still wants to portray that tough-guy image as president. He wants his followers to believe he is tough, but tough talk doesn’t always …

Black lives matter. That is certainly true and I wholeheartedly agree! The unnecessary and tragic death of George Floyd leaves us stunned. I have a very close friend that I have known for more than 30 years.

I don’t know how anybody can vote for a Democrat. Look back in history. The Democrats were the ones that were for slavery. Now the Democrat-run states are allowing their cities and towns to be destroyed, burned, and looted by protesters. The poor police are not allowed to do anything. Our po…

Who gave the protestors the right to tear down monuments?

My sincere thanks to The Daily Item for the article on the “forgotten war” (Korea) that featured USMC Tom Reimensnyder on June 25.

In the June 21 edition of The Daily Item, John Peeler had a letter extolling the durable energy of the recent protests. While I agree with him that the death of George Floyd was a murder, most of the rest of his missive is tripe.

Pennsylvania educators and administrators are putting plans in place to reopen our schools to students in the new school year. We still have a lot of work to do, but one thing is clear: Our schools will need federal help to reopen safely.

Does anyone remember the old movie with Kurt Russell, as Snake Pliskin, in Escape from New York?

I just finished reading The Sunday Item. The “how our congressman voted” article caught my eye.

Regarding Atwood Ross’s letter to the editor, “Get back to church,” (June 19), I cannot see sitting far apart and wearing a mask in church. Pray before going in and ask God to let us be free from spreading the virus. God will be with us, have faith period, but attend a church following the g…

In response to Arthur Keller’s letter of June 10: Looking a person straight in the face and assuring them the sky is green has become a common Republican tactic! The reason so few of President Obama’s cabinet and secretarial positions went unfilled is because the Republican senators refused …

I am a registered nurse here in Central Pennsylvania and I am also currently pursuing my bachelor of science in nursing through Millersville University.

My fellow-pastor, Butch Woolsey, recently wrote a letter (June 16) saying that Jesus died for all of us and all lives matter. Of course they do, but we also need to read about the Last Judgment in Matthew 25:33-46. Here Jesus names several kinds of people who are treated as if they matter le…

What happened to George Floyd? What happened to focusing on justice for his senseless death, and addressing police misconduct? My question arises from the current ambiguity that occurs when we conflate the conviction that everyone I know has that black lives matter with the political agenda …

I think the experts will need to look at the housing situations of the victims of the pandemic to see what part their housing played in it.

I hope everyone reading this is healthy and surviving the COVID-19 insanity. These are unprecedented times for sure but not because of the virus but rather for the way our country and really the world has reacted. This world has seen many pandemics throughout history, many far worse than thi…

Throughout our nearly 100-year history, The GIANT Company has been proud to support the local communities we serve from being a hometown grocer to sourcing fresh produce and products grown and made right in our own backyard. 

We have, once again, had what can only be described as “inappropriate” commentary on social media by a local elected official.

It seems that double standards apply for the citizens of Pennsylvania.

On June 16, the Union County commissioners wisely if tacitly acknowledged that they did not have the authority to pass a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary ordinance. These ordinances violate the Constitution of the United States, which establishes the courts as the appropriate forum for c…

Coronavirus cases are declining in Pennsylvania thanks to a stay-at-home order and now new rules including masks and social distancing with phased reopenings. Yet as we reopen, some individuals and businesses are ignoring health guidelines that helped achieve so much.

Friday, June 19, 2020, marked the commemoration of Juneteenth. This is the day the Emancipation Proclamation made its way to Texas, the last state in the country to free slaves. 

Our Gov. Tom Wolf participated in the “Black Lives Matter” protest in Harrisburg on June 3. The event was held to point out the unlawful treatment of black people by police officers in America.

It’s been 20 years since the federal government last had a balanced budget with a small surplus, and the national debt then was $5.1 trillion. By the end of the current fiscal year on Sept. 30, the national debt could be more than $25 trillion. What happened?

In response to Mr. Atwood Ross’s letter, “Get back to church” (June 16), online services and rebroadcasts offer excellent alternatives. Because of individuals such as Mr. Ross, I am staying at home and watching our church’s Facebook recordings of the service.

I believe the Selinsgrove Area School District should be concerned with what is happening in their schools while school is in session, as opposed to looking into what disciplinary action can be taken upon students who made a video in their homes.

A few weeks ago I authored a short letter to The Daily Item that mentioned alleged inappropriate language of two members of McEwensville Borough Council during a May 6 teleconference meeting. On June 3, I presented a petition signed by 39 McEwensville residents to borough council calling for…

When you choose to do nothing about a bad situation, you are just as guilty as the people who created it.

Being informed is vital to protecting our democracy, my experience is there is a segment of the population that votes based on a single issue rather than an analysis of the multiple issues associated with an election.

The father character explains in a quote from the 1984 movie “D.A.R.Y.L.”, “Baseball is the essence of all life in the universe.” On hearing that I understood it was a great truth.

I recently received a so-called survey from Fred Keller asking if I supported the “defunding and/or elimination” of police departments. Complex issues can’t be examined with yes or no questions. It is a survey not designed to find what constituents think but to score political points. Most p…

Recent events in the news have had a tremendous impact on our country. We often wonder what we can do to help, what we can do to make things better. I would like to draw your attention to a letter sent by email to the Bucknell University community.

What is patriotism? Donald Trump tells his supporters that any NFL player kneeling for the national anthem should be fired for disrespecting the flag and is therefore unpatriotic. The end result of Trump’s attack was what he wanted; arouse the passions of his followers. Colin Kaepernick, the…

Get mad at me if you want but I want to say all lives matter. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior died on the cross, shed his blood for each one of us — no matter race, color, euthenics, Jew, Gentile, male or female.

As our churches open, I can’t see sitting far apart and wearing masks in the church. Pray before going in and ask God to let us be free from spreading the virus.

Once again, the media promotes hype, fear and anxiety throughout the Susquehanna Valley. I’m referring to The Daily Item’s June 9 front page, with photos and write-up of “Protesters rally for six hours in Selinsgrove.”

I wish to applaud The Daily Item’s editorial, “President adds to America’s agony,” in your June 3 edition.

My friend Mike Glazer takes me gently to task for a recent “My Turn” in which I argue that we white people bear the responsibility to address the historical and systemic racism that afflicts our country.

In the Sunday, June 7, edition of The Daily Item, an article recommended summer reads for Valley Christians.