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What will it take to get the tractor-trailers from using streets that cannot accommodate them?

I saw a man last week wearing a t-shirt that said on the back “I survived the Norry reconstruction.”

What has been called by many a special election, I still prefer to call it a ratification of an appointed individual selected by a small group of people.

The General Assembly of Pennsylvania must take action on prescription drug pricing and pass SB 568. The rise in prescription drug costs is putting people at risk across the country.

The justification of partisan political violence from the left continues to rise in American higher education, despite continued support from nonpartisan tax breaks and subsidized student loans.

What parts of “War and Peace” does Donald Trump not understand?

Many older adults like me are worn from trying to catch up with the cost of medications. In the last few years, the cost of prescriptions has risen some 300 percent.

The New York Times had a troubling — yet somehow unsurprising — piece on the disarray in the Trump administration’s policy-making on Afghanistan this week. On one hand, we are assured that we are very close to a deal with the Taliban that would entail a substantial draw-down of the U.S. troo…

I have been able to observe the negotiations among all the parties involved in the new joint venture project called the YMCA at the Miller Center powered by Evangelical and Geisinger to promote wellness and health in our community.

General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, after leaving his position at this White House as Secretary of Defense, released a memoir about his life as a Marine. Respectful, loyal and discrete, he barely mentions President Donald Trump, but it was clear when he resigned that he deeply disapproved of the w…

There is a bill passed in the U.S. House of Representatives on new gun control rules.

The individual in Middleburg recently charged with animal cruelty should, if found guilty, be forced to live under the same conditions in which he placed his animals. This awful treatment resulted in several being euthanized with others needing to undergo emergency medical treatment to save …

As a conservative individual, I’m tired of constantly reading ultra-left publications. Take, for instance, John Cooper’s Sept. 4 Letter to the Editor, “Facilities not equipped for children.” According to him, children are being held in secret concentration camps. The conditions in them are n…

On the weekend of Aug. 2, I joined nearly 2,000 of my fellow Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Students Demand Action volunteer leaders in Washington, D.C. We were there to learn more about how to prevent gun violence in our communities.

Perhaps The Daily Item owes an apology to all the workers in the Susquehanna Valley for publishing anti-union propaganda on its editorial page on Labor Day of all days. The piece was “On Labor Day, consider the injustice of forced union dues.”

President Trump’s lack of knowledge in history would garner no comment were he anyone else but the president. However, as the president of the United States, he has proven on more than one occasion to be ignorant of the past.

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is one of the biggest dairy co-ops in the United States.

So let me see if I have this straight. The Rickey Wolfe murder DNA shouldn’t be tested because — just maybe — a new investigation could become necessary, or not?

I guess The Daily Item is trying to be “fair and balanced” by printing anti-Labor Labor Day commentary (Sept. 2), but what a slap in the face for workers! The anti-labor lobbyist who wrote the piece talks about how terrible unions are and makes huge claims for “right to work” approaches to m…

The Trump administration has been sending unaccompanied migrant children to secret facilities whose whereabouts are unknown to their families and their attorneys, and are not equipped to care for vulnerable minors.

Recent remarks that Donald Trump has been so good to Israel that he should be known as “King of Israel” or “King of the Jews” has been treated with a snicker in the Jewish homeland. Donald Trump is not the first one to think that he is King of the Jews.

As legislators, physicians, and members of society continue to debate the issue of legalization of recreational marijuana, I think it is very important that society use scientific evidence when making these decisions. I would like to begin today by clarifying my position on alcohol and medic…

Let’s establish one thing off the bat: There is almost complete consensus among scientists who study climate (climatologists) that the earth is undergoing climate change on a massive scale and that human activity over the last 200 years is a major cause. There is overwhelming agreement that …

This morning (Aug. 24) I had the honor of reading the obituary of Carson A. Shrawder. To read it was as good as reading any account of World War II, in particular, the Battle of the Bulge.

At every President Donald Trump rally, many in the crowd proudly wear their MAGA hats which echo the Trump campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” I may be like Pooh Bear, a “bear of little brain,” but I see nothing from this administration but corrosive attacks on the very fabric of ou…

It’s understandable. Everyone hates the fact that shootings take place. But the recent article where Gov. Tom Wolf is proposing imposing yet another law on regular, law-abiding folks is upsetting, and in my opinion wrong.

Today there are so many times I shake my head in wonderment at the folly of trying to make sense of things. Most recently it is the decision of the attorney general’s office to ask a judge to deny DNA testing of items from the Ricky Wolfe murder that would shed light on a case whose star wit…

I live in Northumberland. Residents here have been asked by our mayor, “to be patient.” PennDOT has asked us to be patient. The new superintendent of the Shikellamy School District has asked for our cooperation and patience now that school is starting.

I am writing to urge the Pennsylvania state Legislature to pass Senate Bill 473 that would raise the minimum sales age for all tobacco products to 21 years old.

We are only about two months away from our Veterans Day ceremony in Mifflinburg held at the Union County World War II Honor Roll and, quite excited about how it is shaping up.

As I write this letter, the results of the special election for state representative had not been decided. I am writing it because I think Sunday’s editorial (Aug. 18) supporting David Rowe is deeply flawed.

Everything Republicans do make it better for their richest donors while making it tougher for everyone else. We need an economy and a government that works for all of us, not just the top one percent. Most every position in Trump’s cabinet is headed by someone who belongs to that one percent…

Thank you to the Borough of Mifflinburg crew for the fine job you have done in your recent electrical work on Bogar Lane.

I hope the employees at Wood-Mode are grateful, as a matter of fact very grateful. Like the rest of us, we too were laid off, some from Pennsylvania House, Celotex, and yes, around 300 of us from Wood-Mode around 2007.

Thank you to Geisinger Medical Center for maintaining their pediatric dental department, oral surgery department, and contributing to the Susquehanna River Valley Dental Health Clinic. A noble mission. I agree with Geisinger’s belief that dentistry is usually best handled by the community at large.

I am sorry to say that my good friend Mike Glazer, in his letter of Aug. 19, lends himself to right-wing paranoia in his defense of national unity and rejection of diversity. Long before Trump entered national politics, right-wingers have had considerable success in making an issue of recent…

Some people do not like to blow their own horns, so someone else has to do it for them. I choose to be that someone.

Finally, we have a president who has shown gratitude, respect and compassion for the most maligned and abused group of citizens that currently exist in this country. That group is none other than American taxpayers. The contrast between our president and the socialist Democrat Party is strik…

The Daily Item noted in a recent editorial (July 18) Rep. Fred Keller failed to condemn the president for his blatantly racist comments toward your fellow Congresswomen.

When I was 54, a man held a gun to my head and forced me to the ground. That’s when I became a gun violence survivor, but I didn’t realize it until several weeks ago. I thought the random act of going into a Panera for a chai latte and finding myself in the middle of an armed robbery was unf…

“Our diversity is our strength.” Thank you George Orwell for inventing the idea of “doublespeak.”

This is in reference to Mr. Ken Young’s letter “Widespread repetitive lies,” of July 30.

This letter is addressed to the 20-plus million illegal immigrants living in America. Welcome. I say again welcome!

Recently my partner lost his job. He applied and obtained an employment compensation benefit. He gained another job relatively quickly.

As a Parkinson’s Disease patient, I read with interest your stories on the malady in the Aug. 13, edition of your newspaper.

As Hank Baylor laid out in his My Turn in The Daily Item (Aug. 8), I too feel the election process was hijacked by a handful of Union County individuals as they chose the Republican candidate, David Rowe, to represent the rest of Union and Snyder counties. The unfortunate part of this is tha…

After studying the candidates for the Aug. 20 Special Election for 85th District State Representative, I am confident that Republican David Rowe is best-suited to serve us in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.