This past week I realized that East Buffalo Supervisor David Rowe is a candidate for the Republican nomination to fill Congressman Fred Keller’s old PA House seat.

Rowe has been the leader, along with his GOP supervisor colleague Char Gray, in assuring East Buffalo Township is fairly treated in its relationship with Lewisburg Borough. While we all consider ourselves Lewisburgers, our communities are distinct, both in their physical and political makeup.

These differences should not divide us, but nonetheless should be recognized and honored. Rowe understands this. The person who would replace him may not.

Though this may seem illogical, I think what is best for East Buffalo Township is to keep David Rowe as supervisor during this time of negotiation and legal turmoil with the borough. I am asking the GOP conferees to consider this, Thursday, when voting on a nominee to run for Keller’s old Pa. 85th Legislative seat. 

Pat Marolo

Former chairperson, Union County Republican Committee

East Buffalo Township