Ben Ranck is the seamless choice.

Conferees from both the Union and Snyder GOP committees will meet June 13 to nominate a candidate to fill the 85th District Pa. House seat that was vacated when Fred Keller was elected this region’s U.S. congressman.

For the past eight-plus years, Ben Ranck has been at the right hand of Fred Keller. Ranck has grown along with Keller to understand and be part of the problems and victories, concerns and joys of the people of Snyder and Union counties.

I met Ben more than a decade ago when I was the district representative for Congressman John Peterson and then Glenn “GT” Thompson who represented PA’s 5th (now 15th) Congressional District.

Ben was a PSU senior back then and interning in our office during the retirement of Peterson and the election of GT. It was a confusing and hectic time, but Ben became an interictal part of the change. He was the only intern in the 18 years I served in my position who was asked to stay on for two full semesters.

Teaming with Fred Keller two years later, Ben showed his adaptability again. Ben is a dedicated professional who will hit the halls of the state Capitol at a dead run. He knows the people and the players here and in Harrisburg. The importance of family — ours and his — and his conservative views along with the continuity he will bring with him will fit comfortably with the 85th district.

There is absolutely no reason to reinvent the wheel here folks. Ben Ranck is the clear choice for Snyder and Union counties’ future.

Mike Glazer,