Representative Tom Marino has focused a great deal of attention on the problems with the SNAP program (food stamps). While I certainly want this program to function as efficiently as possible, there are so many issues of waste and corruption on which we need to be focused. It seems the right wing of which Mr. Marino is a “card carrying member” wants to focus on the poor and the programs that help the least among us. They want to divert our attention from the real sources of our economic problems.

Has Mr. Marino or his political compatriots spoken out about the big corporations who make billions of dollars in profits and pay no taxes? Have these right-wing reactionaries gone after the corrupt bankers on Wall Street who, after the collapse of 2008, have returned to the very casino mentality which created the collapse and are laying the groundwork for another crash? Our Senator Pat Toomey certainly has no problems with the corruption of Wall Street since he was their “mouth piece” when he was with the Club for Growth. I will also point out that President Obama has done little to curb the excesses of the crooks on Wall Street who in many ways exhibit psychopathic type behavior.  

I don’t believe I’ve heard any of this reactionary crowd go after the tremendous waste of our military contractors. We spend billions on cost overruns as their profits escalate. We are now spending $350 million apiece for an airplane that doesn’t work. We spend and spend for weapons systems which are designed for the last war. These self-described patriots on the right seem always ready to go to war. We have dumped trillions of dollars down the ‘’rat hole” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They seem to be itching for war with Iran and now talk aggressively about Russia.

These so-called fiscal conservatives seem to be greatly offended by monies being spent to help those in need, but are always ready to give money in the form of tax breaks to the wealthy and their corporations. Does cutting income seem like a good way to balance the budget? We give billions to the oil industry which is the most profitable industry on earth. The Farm Bill, which cuts SNAP funds, will give millions to very profitable corporations and millionaires.

Why do Mr. Marino and friends feel so comfortable going after the poor? It’s easy to go after those without any real power. They don’t want to bite the hands of those who give all of those dollars. The dollar givers, corporations and the wealthy, are the ones who call the shots. We have only a shadow of a representative democracy and are more and more becoming a fascist state with a touch of feudalism. It is also all too true that the political left has almost vanished because of all the money involved with politics today.

Jack D. Miller,

Center Township, Snyder County

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