I am concerned about the recent political interest in Pennsylvania to have “open primaries.” A primary election is specifically to choose a candidate from political parties to run in the following general election. Registered independents have access to a legal process to form a third or fourth political party for the purpose of identifying their candidates, if they desire.

Registered independent voters are not left out of the process. They may vote for the candidate of their choice in the general election. If they do not wish to participate in any political party’s organization why should they have a voice in selecting that party’s candidate? Should your church, service club, or other organization allow non-members to participate in selecting your officers and leaders?

I submit that there is no legitimate reason to allow non-members to affect a party’s choice of a candidate. The result would cause confusion as to the party’s positions on issues, and could result in unintended results. It could even satisfy a devious intent. For example, assume party A’s presumed candidate is projected to be successful, therefore, an organized effort to have independent voters vote for another person so as to defeat party A’s presumed candidate thereby resulting in an aid to the other party. If you think that this could not happen in our present political climate I suggest that you think again.

R. Michael Kaar,