Attorneys General are about to bring suit over claims that the health care bill is unconstitutional because it forces people to buy health insurance and never before has the government forced people to buy anything.

On the contrary, the government has always been in the business of forcing us to buy the many things it provides such as education of our children, roads, defense, security, and the salaries of people on the government payroll like attorneys general. We are in a very real sense forced to buy all this and more with our taxes.

The people that the mostly Republican attorneys are claiming to “protect” with this suit are the very people Republicans look on as the dregs of society. Those who will be forced to buy insurance are the same people who are now getting free care because they have no choice but to go to emergency rooms while the rest of us pay for their treatment with higher insurance premiums.

This suit is nothing more than a political ploy that will backfire when people more fully realize that the health care bill is in their best interests.

John Strausser,


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