I had the pleasure of attending last weekend's Iron Heritage Festival as part of the Confederation of Union Generals, a non-profit group honoring American history by portraying and teaching about leading the Union Army in the Civil War. Our group was grateful to the American Legion for providing dinner on Friday night before the parade and for the offer of hospitality the following day. We also thank the festival organizers for offering water and an air-conditioned place to cool off before we marched. We appreciated the enthusiastic greeting at that parade, the turnout and interest at the fairgrounds on Saturday and at our reception Saturday night.

All of the residents to whom we spoke expressed their gratitude for our being in Danville and for contributing to the Festival's success.

My only regret is that I could not have had everyone in America with me at the parade on Friday. Our country seems to be permanently divided between those who wish to preserve the past and to see America only as it was, while others see none of America's virtues, all of her faults, and want diversity in all things except in opinion. On Friday evening, Danville showed America at its best. Attracted by world-class healthcare institutions and other industries, Danville's diverse citizens -- people of every race and color --celebrated America's past and will work to build its future. Danville showed itself to be what all Americans should be: a community.

Robert Lipshutz,

Wynnewood, Pa

AKA, Lt. Col. E.D. Townsend,

Asst. Adjutant-General

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