Mr. Carney’s camp must be very concerned over the latest polls which put challenger Tom Marino ahead by as much as 15 points. Yet, Mr. Marino’s name recognition is a mere 59% compared to Carney’s 94%. Simply stated, the voters of the 10th Congressional District know Mr. Carney, but are rejecting his repetitive message that he shares their conservative values. Mr. Carney has voted 90 percent of the time with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, including obamacare and the failed bailouts, both of which will bankrupt our children. It looks like the Carney boat is sinking with an “anybody but Carney” sentiment throughout this district. Luckily, there is a very strong candidate who will fight for the conservative values we hold dear, here in Central Pennsylvania. That candidate is Tom Marino. Mr. Carney just throws barbs and avoids debate.

Yvonne Morgan,


 -- Yvonne Morgan is chairperson of the Union County Republican Committee.

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