In reply to the "Just the Facts Please" letter published on Aug. 4, the writer was obviously targeting the previous letter 'Your DOJ in Action." She questions the accuracy of some of the statements and requested facts to support them, stating, "maybe some of you people should do some fact-checking before you post letters with information that isn't remotely verified."

While I have neither the time nor inclination to reply to all of her arguments, I will comment on the actions of the DOJ that are relevant.

I'll reply the to the writer's suggestion that the comments about anti-Zimmerman rallies instigated by the DOJ were the figments of imagination of some "Right-Wing" zealots, who need to do some 'fact checking."

Permit me to give you some facts. The organization Judicial Watch, Filed a Freedom of Information request on April 24, 2012, requesting all information on the Community Relations Service section of DOJ actions in Sanford, Fla. That information is now public knowledge. It is available on the Internet, but you must have the knowledge and skill to access it. You asked for "facts" now you have them. You can either read and try to understand them or you can continue to blindly follow your 'Radical Left-Wing' propaganda -- the choice is yours.

While the writer was accurate in calling this, and similar sites "Right Wing" I would choose to classify them as "more rational" than some would-be political activist from Gum-Stump, Pa. whose motives and credentials are highly suspect.

W. Richard Stover,


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