What is happening to America? We see our “Great Society” decaying right before our eyes. We see our economic system crumbling. We see corruption, criminal activity and immorality running rampant in our governments — local, county, state and federal.

I truly believe most of these problems are a direct result of pushing God aside, not only in our lives, but in our governments as well.

What can we do?

I see three avenues that can be taken.

The first is a must. According to the Bible in Romans 13:1, it clearly states that “…the powers that be are ordained of God.” We therefore have a responsibility to pray for those who have positions of responsibility over us, whether we agree with them or not.

Secondly, we can do nothing. We can watch our country continue to lose jobs to the overseas market. We can watch our country continue the downward spiral from the land of opportunity down to a land of entitlement. We can watch the debt continue to mount for our children and grandchildren. We can continue to allow many foreign countries that really don’t like us very much to continue capitalizing on our mismanagement. I do not want to see this continue.

Lastly, we can take action.

Whether Democrat or Republican, we can follow the actions of our legislators and president and track which ones are making conservative, God-honoring and God-fearing decisions and which ones are not. I urge you to log onto the Web site www.repealitpledge.com and pledge to vote for conservative leaders this November.

Colin R. Clayberger,


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