It seems there’s no end to the lies the left will tell. Supposedly President Trump is to blame for 36,000 COVID-19 deaths because he didn’t act fast enough. Joe Biden condemned the president for shutting down flights from China in January, and later Europe? Biden didn’t admit he was wrong until April. Two months later. How many would have died if Biden was in charge?

Trump is blamed for disrespecting a Gold Star family and John McCain. Hillary Clinton looked Gold Star parents in the eye after Benghazi and knowingly lied to them. You didn’t care. Democrats said McCain was too stupid to operate a computer, old white guy. Now, you care.

You repeat the unproven allegation that Trump disrespected veterans because a left-wing magazine quoted four anonymous sources. Disregarding the 20 people who were there and said on record it never happened. Including John Bolton, no friend of Trump. If Trump has such a low opinion of our troops, why would he help veterans receive far better health care? Or give millions for veteran’s causes? Something Biden and Obama never did. You falsely claim Trump doesn’t care about the poor. Yet, Obama sat on millions, while his relatives in Africa lived in tin huts, no clean running water, no electricity, and you’re fine with that.

You rail against Trump cutting taxes and regulations. Those cuts resulted in real record-low unemployment across every spectrum. Biden offers higher taxes and more regulations, a proven job killer.

You make so much of Trump not serving in the military, and ignore Biden’s six deferments, Obama never serving, Bill Clinton’s draft-dodging, and John Kerry giving aid and comfort to our enemies. In your mind that’s OK.

You say Trump divides the nation with fear and hate, while Biden supporters were dragging people from their cars, burning and looting across the nation. You call them peaceful. Some on the left call for the destruction of our Republic, with marxism, communism, socialism, and then claim it’s Trump who’s endangering our Constitution. It’s not Trump who blocks free speech. It’s not Trump calling for more violence in the streets. It’s not Trump failing the cities in poverty, job opportunities, education, crime, and standard of living. It’s liberal Democrats.

Without double standards, the left would have none. Instead of Trump, you offered us the most corrupt woman ever to enter the White House, Hillary Clinton. Now you offer Biden, who seems in mental decline, lies or is wrong almost every time he speaks and has a 47-year record in politics that you won’t even talk about.

William J. Folk,




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