Last month, I volunteered and was appointed to the Limestone Township Planning Commission in Union County.

In my letter to the supervisors, I indicated one condition: Since they met inside, all members and visitors must wear masks or I’d wait to volunteer until after the pandemic. They appointed me so I assumed masking was happening.

On April 28, I went to my first meeting. I walked in to six people in attendance, some commission members and several visitors. No masks. I asked why no one was wearing a mask. The chair indicated his mask on the table, the only mask present, though useless on the table.

He stated he didn’t think others even had a mask, as if that is a reason to accept unsafe behavior. No one else responded. Everyone was sitting less than 6 feet apart.

I resigned on the spot.

Before I left though I said that their behavior was irresponsible and that Union County was still a “high-risk” county, people were still getting sick, too many had died. I shared I would not be party to this kind of behavior and that I had stated as such in my letter to serve.

I’m repeatedly disturbed by rural people who ignore simple steps to keep our community safe and alive. I love living in Union County and hope to have many more years here. There are thankfully enough of us who care about each other and have taken steps to be safe and keep others safe through this pandemic for me to stay.

But when township leadership shows open disdain for the health of the community, I’m upset and speak out. We should be good examples to one another. Instead, this kind of behavior only reinforces the view of rural people behaving badly.

Thank you to the many people at Weis Markets, CVS, Coles Hardware and other retail stores who have been good stewards of our health. Shame on you, Limestone Township.

Sharon Koppel,


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