I’m tired of the constant argument about climate change, those for it and those in denial.

I am not a scientist, just a living survivor. I will turn 82 years old on March 8, and I have seen the change.

I can attest to the fact that when I started hunting for rabbits and pheasant with anywhere from a light coating of snow to a couple of inches.

And this was the norm through small game and bear and deer seasons, until late February, or early March.

So our snow cover started in October. Now, being 82 and having hunted for 66 years, I’m living proof that there has been a change in our season. In fact, our season, winter, has moved forward four months.

Now we don’t have a snow covering — mind you a covering, not two, four inches, etc. —  until after or the end of December or deer season. And, our severed winter from late December, January, February, March and into April, cold enough to burn all new buds on trees and shrubbery.

I’m a living survivor. I have seen this change in my lifetime. So, yes, I’m very much in agreement that we are having climate change.

I’m living proof to have seen the change. Face the change.


Albert Golfieri,

White Deer

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