In his most recent letter to the editor (Nov. 24) Robert Beck promotes what he calls the Bible’s view of homosexuality. Beck should look more closely at his Bible. It promotes killing gay people (Leviticus 20:13). Surely he does not intend to advocate for that view, which is one of many examples of how biblical directives are not always relevant to modern civilization. And to answer his question, in the Bible story the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for being selfish and inhospitable, not because of gayness. See Ezekiel 16:49-50 and Matthew 10:14-15.

Beck suggests an entire population of people are inherently abnormal and unhealthy, and then complains about how this primitive, antagonistic position isn’t tolerated by people who “disagree” with him. It’s disagreement when you don’t share the same opinion about pizza. It’s bigotry when you condemn a person’s existence as wrong.

You have a right to believe your god watches people have sex and gets angry if they don’t do it the way he prefers. But don’t be surprised when rational, honorable people oppose your efforts to marginalize LGBTQ people based on your superstitions.


Erik Viker,


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