On Jan. 8, using her position as GOP state committee member, Pat Saylor called for the resignation and removal of our President Donald J. Trump. She claims to be a representative of the voters of Snyder County; but I can assure Ms. Saylor that she is very mistaken. President Trump is the first president in a very long time to work every day fighting for us the American people, truly believing in America first, pushing back daily on the globalist and corporatist from within and outside of his administration.

President Trump has been the most pro-life president that we’ve ever had, fighting for the life of the unborn, reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which restricts the use of foreign aid by not allowing its use for abortions; and being the first president to attend and speak at the annual National Right to Life March. He has stood steadfast for religious liberties, and his support of Israel is like no other U.S, President; giving Israel and the world numerous peace treaties.

With Donald Trump as our president, we never felt that our Second Amendment rights were in danger; but now there is great uncertainty. His accomplishments in the last four years have been overwhelming, especially for Americans within the lower economic scale. He encouraged businesses to build and create jobs in the U.S., lifting up everyone through job creation and wage growth like we have not seen in years. His tweets, at times, were less than helpful but it was this method he chose to get his message out.

What is most disappointing for the president are people claiming to be within the same party and mindset, constantly critical and throwing up roadblocks for many of the policies proposed, scheming to undermined his agenda from the beginning of his term.

Ms. Saylor would be in this category, attempting to destroy good people that she felt threatened her political position. It’s not Donald Trump who should resign or be removed from his office; it is Pat Saylor. You do not represent the views and values of our county and our Republican Party. You should be removed or resign from your position as GOP state committee member, representing Snyder County, a position that you have held for far too long. You may represent the views of the radical Democrats, buy using the same verbiage and dialogue as Nancy Pelosi to describe your opinion of President Trump; but you do not speak for the overwhelming numbers of Republican voters in our county.

Mark J. Harris is a Republican grassroots activist. He was an RNC Delegate in 2012 and 2020 and is a former Snyder County State Committeeman and former Snyder County Chairman.





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