There are many, many reasons why we should not give this administration another four years in office but for those of us who are retired the most pressing reason is that if President Trump has his way Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid will cease to exist before his second term ends. Look at your finances and ask yourself how much will my life change if I no longer receive Social Security and Medicare.

On Aug. 8, our president signed an executive order to give most working Americans a temporary break from paying “payroll taxes” from Sept. 1 to the end of the year. However, those employees will have to pay those taxes back when they file their 2020 income taxes. Those taxes fund Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

At the same time, he stated that if he is re-elected he will make those changes permanent. Actuaries predict that if these changes are made permanent that Medicare/Medicaid will run out of money and cease to exist in 2021 and Social Security will run out of money and cease to exist in 2023. Republicans have long paid lip service to restructuring or eliminating Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid but this is the first actual attempt at making it happen.

As we are all aware, this president probably has a more casual relationship with the truth than almost anyone else on earth but are you willing to take a chance that he is not serious this time about this issue?

Your vote will make a difference!

John Ferguson, 


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