Election Day is fast approaching and it is important to not only vote, but to vote wisely. There is so much at stake this election to be nonchalant with our vote. Putting personalities of the candidates aside for the moment, look very closely at the issues and vote accordingly. How do your thoughts align with the issues?

On one hand you have the choice to vote for, pro-life, pro-law enforcement, pro-military, pro Second Amendment, controlled immigration practices and enforcement of our immigration laws, lower taxes, return of off-shore manufacturing to America, successful economic growth, less unemployment (both temporarily affected by COVID-19, but already improving and likely to explode when the pandemic is over), pro-American history, and most of all pro-American period.

On the other hand your choices are, pro-abortion (conveniently labeled pro-choice, including conveniently labeled late term), anti-law enforcement, anti-military, anti-Second Amendment, open borders allowing any and all into our country, government payments to illegal aliens, continued dependence on China (and others) for manufactured goods, higher taxes to pay for free college, free medical, and other freebies promised, anti-history, pro socialist, pro big government, and most serious of all, overall anti-American socialist leaning.

Choose carefully on Election Day because our freedom and liberties are at stake. Which choice do you think is right? May God bless the USA with the continued freedoms we enjoy without government intrusion.

Mel Benjamin,





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