There is no citizen in this country more “Republican” than Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney. The daughter of Dick Cheney, Republican White House Chief of Staff, Congressman, Secretary of Defense and Vice President, she voted with Donald Trump 93% of the time.

Cheney was jolted by the events of Jan. 6 and chose not to minimize them, putting her career on the line, and voting to impeach then President Trump. For this renegade action, she was stripped of her leadership role by House Republicans, rebuked and dis-membered by the Wyoming Republican Party.

She nevertheless chose not to ignore this grave danger to U.S. democracy, and now boldly serves as vice chair of the Jan. 6 Investigative Committee where she continues to bravely bear the scorn of many Republican leaders, congressmen and members.

Our congressman is Republican Fred Keller. When Mr. Keller was initially voted into the House of Representatives, he boasted about the “influential committees” to which he was being assigned. Yet, he has weakly and consistently voted to not penalize any Trump henchmen who have refused to honor valid subpoenas of the Congress, most recently Steve Bannon and Chief of Staff Meadows. Both were validly subpoenaed by Ms. Cheney’s committee, but Keller dutifully voted in lock step to follow the Trump Republican line. How can any committee be influential if you do not endorse its authority?

Liz Cheney has chosen her country over her party; she is making her mark in history. Alas! Mr. Keller is, too.

James Swartz,


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