It is incredibly sad to see the raging controversy over masking and social distancing. Health care professionals are not ambivalent on this simple thing. And yet, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe from Butler County and 24 co-sponsors have introduced a bill to impeach Gov. Tom Wolf. I imagine the governor to be well short of perfect but asking us to mask and social distance isn’t one of his flaws. The flaw is with us — the citizens of Pennsylvania who aren’t on the same page and who, by our actions, undermine the success of the initiative.

Cases were down by late June and reopening was prudent, if only the governor could trust us to do our part. There are rogues in every aspect of society, every business, every family and these make up the lowest common denominator of business, entity, unit or whatever-you-want-to-call-it, success.

We now have some large national businesses stepping to the plate and requiring masking regardless of state and local requirements. This is correct and for businesses deemed “essential,” a moral obligation to help ensure that other non-essential businesses don’t get closed down. We, as a society, are writing our own success, or failure, story.

We either mask until there is a vaccine or the so-called herd immunity is attained, or we go down the tubes politically, socially and economically. To think and say that it’s all up to us is an understatement. Our economic and worldwide status depends on it, and I kid you not.

Mel Mench,


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