This past Wednesday night, the curtains opened at Campus Theatre in Lewisburg for a crowd of 225 people. This incredible community attendance was for Laura Farber’s poignant and unforgettable film, “We Are Columbine,” which shares the journeys of four Columbine High School freshmen, the former principal, and a faculty member. Emotional, spotted with humor, and deeply moving, “We Are Columbine” makes clear that the trauma of gun violence affects everyone in its vicinity and lasts far longer than media headlines.

The screening was part of Feb. 1-8 National Gun Violence Survivors Week. Within the first five weeks of the year, the United States has already had more gun deaths than our high-income peer nations have in an entire year. We honor the 100 Americans who lose their lives to daily, preventable gun violence in our country, and stand alongside the loved ones who grieve.

The community’s support for Wednesday’s film reaffirms our commitment to work for common sense gun laws that will, indeed, save lives. As a nonpartisan, Second-Amendment supporting organization, Moms Demand Action believes we can uphold our constitutional rights while working within our laws to end the gun violence that permeates our nation. By seeking our common ground and learning from one another’s stories, we can come together for meaningful change.

We were honored to bring “We Are Columbine” and its director to the Valley, and will continue to elevate the stories of those impacted by gun violence.


Lauren Peck,

CSV Moms Demand Action for

Gun Sense

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