What is hospice? Many think that hospice is just caring for someone during their last days. However, this stigma does not allow the true meaning of hospice to shine through.

So let me tell you what hospice truly is. It is helping a mother spend her final days to put words on paper for her young child to read in years to come, bringing families together, honoring our armed forces heroes, never allowing someone to spend their last days alone, and providing empathic compassionate care beyond death.

With November being National Hospice Month, it is a good time to learn about hospice care. Hospice care provides an effective option for end-of-life care, encompassing the true benefit for patients and families. It is team-oriented, with the patient and family at the center.

It includes medical care, pain management, spiritual, emotional, and respite care for patients and families to support and maintain quality of life throughout their time on hospice.

Hospice provides community support, and even through the pandemic, we have found ways to remember our patients through butterfly releases and memorial services. Hospice doesn’t have to be a stigma, it can be a dignified experience for patients and families.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of hospice care, please contact us. Call 570-473-6317.

Kristen Marcheski,

Executive Director at Geisinger Hospice


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