The contagion of hypocrisy is not restricted by party, but consider:

Overall, (1) there appears to be a large overlap among those who would deny a woman the legal ability to terminate a pregnancy (the pro-lifers) and those who ardently advocate for unlimited rights to bear arms (the gun nuts), notwithstanding the strained (to say the least) reading of the Constitution necessary to arrive at that conclusion and the extensive suffering by death and injury inflicted by the staggering number of weapons in the U.S. (in stark contrast to such numbers in developed countries with the common-sense wisdom to limit the universal availability of lethal firearms.)

Against all evidence, (2) Trump claims to wish to make America (rather than the size of his post-multiple-bankruptcy wallet) great again, all the while demanding complete loyalty and acting to destroy protections for natural resources and defy science regarding the perils of global warning and climate change. Those urging counter policies are maligned as deep state, anti-patriotic conspirators.

And (3) Trump campaigned on a promise to “drain the swamp,” although how he intends to do that, with so many of the cadre of his inner circle convicted of crimes, or, like the cohorts of personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Lev Parnas, for one), eager to slander lifelong public servants like Marie Yovanovitch for resisting corruption, remains to be seen.

It is not enough, in the public sphere, that the ends justify the means; how we arrive at the effectuating policy is important. Having a moral compass in fulfilling the duties of elective office is essential, as are honesty, integrity and civility, all of which are in short supply under Trump.

Now we have a Republican-majority Senate, under the overt power-mongering of leader Mitch McConnell (remember his refusal to allow a vote over the course of a year on Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court?) some of whom even acknowledge proof of a vast, long-lasting presidential conspiracy to cheat and cover-up by using public funds to pressure a foreign government to assist personal re-election hopes, concluding that there is no constitutional remedy to limit such executive overreach. Moving from the blatant lie of “he didn’t do it” to the much more frightening “so what if he did?” we’ve hit a new level of hypocrisy and a scary, new low level of accountability. And that is not fake news.

Joe DeCristopher lives in Lewisburg.

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