I have been following the sad story of Dr. Raymond Kraynak since it first made news in 2017. Once his trial started after several delays, I wondered, where was the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine before he was arrested? For the last few renewal cycles, I have had to complete at least one Continuing Medical Education credit in safe opioid prescribing practices to renew my MD license, and they emphasize that opioids are not safe for chronic non-cancer pain.

When one of his former receptionists testified that she was “ashamed” that she hadn’t quit working for him sooner, and read that his records were in “disarray,” I wondered why nobody had thought to send an anonymous tip to the SBOM. They may have been too afraid to.

The SBOM suspended Dr. Kraynak’s license right after he was arrested, and will no doubt revoke it permanently now that he has been convicted. Perhaps if someone had alerted them about his record-keeping and other problems, the Board might have intervened sooner.

A medical school classmate of mine lost his license in Maryland due to a substance abuse problem many years ago. I spoke with one of his office workers several months later, who said, “he was a good doctor when he wasn’t high.” I suspect that might have been the case with Dr. Kraynak.

Dr. Peter Whitcopf,


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