The growing outrage over a single California woman's decision to have 14 children out of wedlock -- including octuplets that were implanted by choice, and born amid a sea of doctors and nurses at great cost to the states tax-payers, is no surprise.

With a new president in the White House calling on all Americans to cut back on frivolous spending, and reduce costs, it is more than prudent to assume that in the case of Nadya Suleman, the idea of economic excess has all but been forgotten. Since she went on her baby-making crusade eight years ago, one has to wonder who among us will be financially responsible for the ever-mounting costs of raising her burgeoning brood.

There are many families struggling just to survive, after historic job lay-offs, business closings, corporate bankruptcy's and the extended wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have all caused our economy to flounder -- so why the angst? One only has to look around at the circumstances of those who have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their loved ones, to really understand that pain firsthand!

Children should never be moneymaking commodities, that are brought into this world for the emotional or economic needs of their parent or parents. They are fragile human beings who need to be loved and carefully cared for to successfully raise them into happy adults. When we fail to adhere to that basic rule, society itself pays the ultimate price! A child should never be forgotten or overlooked. Maybe that is why many Americans are heartbroken over this story.

Since Nadya plans on going back to school when her babies have barely reached the gestational age of five months, who will feed and tend to their immediate needs while she fulfills her own educational goals? Parents should be outraged that this woman continues to think of herself, carelessly leaving the hard arduous task of parenting to others.

Becoming a mother is a special privilege that should never be taken lightly -- the ultimate rewards it gives back are priceless. To love and be loved unconditionally is without a doubt the greatest gift in the world, but it does not come without sacrifice -- sadly the self-serving Suleman seems to have forgotten that.

So, while truly needy families must now endure severe economic hardships, Nadya Suleman seems too complacent to care about their dire circumstances, or the emotional and physical needs of her own children -- as she sifts through lucrative offers hoping they will bring her fame and fortune!

Camille Olive, Lewisburg

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