Every day I see and read advertisements for getting out of debt. Now I learn the national credit card debt is at a record high. The first thing they say to do is curb unnecessary spending.

Our president has spent millions on Secret Service agent’s on his trips to Florida. The Air Force cannot justify spending $122,000 on fuel per trip for his weekly trips.

He was allowed to spend billions on a wall that will need upkeep, instead of hiring Border Patrol officers who would put dollars into the economy.

Our national debt has gone up every year. Now the president proposes a national budget that adds debt. Do not blame him. Like a kid with no parental control, he is running wild.

What is really needed in Washington is parental control. This means the elected in Washington may need to be replaced. You see, Mr. Trump cannot fire them as he has done to anyone that goes against him. Washington must start living within its means. It is fun to spend money that is not yours. Just remember it is coming out of our pockets!


William Herrold,


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