As a missionary I have studied, worked and lived in countries where presidents have refused to leave office when they are voted out. I’ve seen the results in countries where corrupt leaders use military and police power to prop them up when their policies are so destructive to the majority of people that they cannot win an election.

Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful exchange of power following the November election is a frightening sign of a weak and ineffectual person fighting to hang on to a position of power. I retired from mission service to come home to a country where the vote of the people is more powerful than the guns of an army being ordered around by a scared president who wants to be a dictator.

Instead of making America greater, Trump threatens to debase our proud and wonderful country to the level of some of the most corrupt nations in the world. We must not let that happen. Every vote must be counted, and the president must commit to a peaceful transition of power if he does not win the election.

Douglas Orbaker,







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