One of the most perplexing things having to do with politics is that two good, educated people that I admire, are so entrenched in a particular party and will look at the same political position and come to completely opposite conclusions. Do you think that everyone thinks like you think, Bob, my mother would say to me. Well, people certainly do think differently.

So many people vote for the president based primarily on their like or dislike of the person who will sit in the oval office. They talk about their flaws and what they have done wrong. Has not every president been flawed, yet many have done great things. Although it is very important who sits in that office it is more important what direction he or she and their party is taking America.

On 9/11, Flight 93 took off from Newark with a flight plan. The eventual pilot had other plans. He had a different flight plan based on an ideology that had a particular goal. For those who vote, I would ask what is the flight plan of the party of choice. Where is it heading and what is its destination.

I would like you to close your eyes for a moment and picture the geographical U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. What country in the world compares to us, with its incredible shoreline, mountains, rivers and lakes, plains, resources, etc. With the continental U.S. located in a temperate zone. This alone gives you a hint of its incredible potential. Of course, its greatest resource is its people. A free people living in a system of government that allows personal growth through its education system, freedom of religion, and all the other freedoms we have.

Think about this. When the framers wrote, “in order to form a more perfect union,” meant that in all the years since its inception, it is evolving. From women’s right to vote, from slavery to a Black president. A flawed country, improving over time. The sins of the past are just that. History must not be forgotten, lest it be repeated. Making a more perfect union takes time. Compare it to yourself. As a young person we do foolish things, make mistakes, and as we age hopefully we gain in wisdom and not repeat mistakes and become a better person. So it is with our country.

Does our Capitalistic Democratic Republic that has evolved over time need to be changed, or does it need to be continually tweaked to form a more perfect union? Will our freedoms be diminished? Will the individual still be able to achieve his or her potential? Will the president be elected by the largest populated cities and states and ignore the will of the least populated areas of our country? Will those who sneak into our country enjoy the same rights as citizens and those who are going through the legal process? Will we retain our religious freedom? Will the second amendment stand as written? Will it remain a nine-justice SCOTUS?

Think my fellow citizens, not so much about the flawed person in the White House, but about where that person and their party will take us. What flight plan are you counting on, in order to form a more perfect union? That flight plan, in my opinion, must be headed in the direction of law and order, individual responsibility, and move in the direction that will produce an educated, informed citizenry where race and color are irreverent and as MLK said, people will be judged by their character. 

Robert M. Umbriac lives in Danville.




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